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Sometimes people ask me for advice. Colleagues who want to hear my opinion, students, who hesitate on what is good and what is not for their career, friends and partners, who need help with their language needs.


I can't claim to be able to give an answer to any question, but for some 20 years of full-time professional translation and localisation experience, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I am happy to share. 


Bakery Industry

We offer a range functional ingredients and bake stable flavours for bakery applications. Bread
Cake & muffins
Pasties and Pies We aldo offer flavours to assist with development issues such as Fat and Sugar replacinment. FLAVOURS » COLOURS » COMMODITY INGREDIENTS »

Confectionery Industry

Whether you require intense flavour, vibrant colour or more authentic solutions, we can help you to create products that inspire, delight and grab the attention of your customers. FLAVOURS » COLOURS » COMMODITY INGREDIENTS »

Dairy & Ice Cream Industry

We supply innovative, high performance, on-trend flavours, colourings and ingredients that satisfy the needs and expectations of dairy product manufacturers worldwide. FLAVOURS » COLOURS » COMMODITY INGREDIENTS »

Fruit Juice Industry

Ingredients for every beverage application. FLAVOURS » COLOURS » COMMODITY INGREDIENTS »

Sports Nutrition

We offer a range functional ingredients and flavours for the Sports Nutrition Industry. FLAVOURS >> COMMODITY INGREDIENTS >>


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